Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Madame Chocolate!

Hi everyone, i know its been a while since i written anything on here... i been a bit lazy i know.. but also i have a new baby kitten in my family and im the mommy, so for anyone who doesnt know,, a newborn baby can take a lot of time and care..u have to feed him every 4 or 6 hours, prepare a special milk for them, hehe i will talk about this on my other blog....
Now to business... ok i know its old but i wanted to share it with u guys: for valentines day i decided to make some chocolates. Home made chocolates filled with chocolate ganache and caramel. Others i made into small balls. (no filling). I decided to put the chocolates in a box, which i made myself too! so please excuse my rawness haha. They looked so cute! this is my second attempt at making chocolates and i was happy with the result. Okay so now some pics....

As you can see i made them into several different shapes using molds, they looked pretty nice but some of them turned a bit opaque, :( i still have to find out why this happens... if anyone knows please tell me on the comments! :)

I made the boxes out of corrugated cardbord, the top was shinny red and the bottom just regular brown. I also placed each chocolate in a small paper thingy and coverded them in a heart colored paper, great for this ocasion!
Okay guys let me know what u think of this idea. Any comments leave them below. Hasta la proxima! :)