Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello Everyone! Bonjour tout le monde! Hola a todos!.... How it all began...

This is the first time i decided to write about one of the things i like the most: Baking. It has been an unknown passion for me for many years, finally in 2010 after starting my 30's crisis.. i finally took the guts up to say i was going to be a "P√Ętissier" (french for baker). I decided to enroll in a mainly french pastry and bakery course to learn all the "good" tecniques of this beautiful art, the art of P√Ętisseries.

The first memories i have of any pastries or baked goods, where the birthdays cakes my mom either bought for us or in some special ocassions made herself. I use to remember how nice it smelled in the kitchen while it was in the oven and how happy and anxious it made me and my brothers. We wanted to ate it all and didnt want to wait for it! 

Okay so...obviously this was not a path i chose since i was young, it has taken me years to come to realize, this is what makes me happy, makes other people happy too and i'm good at! Where i live, this is not a well paid job, and in many cases the people who do it, dont have a very professional approach on it. So my family had wanted me to be more the "office type", and i tried to do it, making myself terrible unhappy. Maybe its a bit selfish but i've always seek for something to fulfill me and make me happy. In the "office jobs" i felt trapped, anxious.. it was hell.

Finally last year after coming to a big break, as to what i really wanted to do with my life, i remembered the lessons i took with my aunt on cake decorating. I remember how happy i felt at that time and how i could use my creativity to make new things.
this is when i decided i will try to regaing those old memories and put them to some "good" use. Since then i have been trying to get as much knowledge and practice to become better in this beautiful "metier". I have to admit the year i spend in france made me realize this was an art expression, full of love and dedication. I awwed looking at any "Pattisserie ou boulanger" shop and i hope i can make the same impression on other people one day. :) 

to finish, just say that in this blog you will find some of my creations as i make them, read about how they came to life and other things related to what's up in my life. Feel free to leave me your comments and remember, always make things with love! 


p.s. I'm enclosing a pic of the first cake i made myself.(It's actually not "the first cake" haha but the same pecan pound cake. It was a recipe of one of my Aunts and she kindly showed me how to make it for the first time! Thankyou so much! :) 

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  1. Congrats!!!! ;D)))... I tried some cakes of you... and are delicious!!!! thanks