Monday, January 10, 2011

Some christmas Goodies!

Okay, I know Christmas has passed already but i thought it will be nice to show you all some of the Christmas cakes and breads i have done in the past. Enjoy!

These were some small fruit cakesi made to sell for Christmas to give out as presents. In know they have a rustic look to them, but they were so yummy! I think the boxes made a nice touch. :)

This is a small New Year's Cake. I based myself on a small christmas decoration to make the reindeer. Everything is made up by hand in fondant.

Finally this year i tried making a new thing: I looked up for a spanish recipe on the "Roscon de reyes" which is basically a sweet bread, decorated with dried fruits and sugar. I decided to make it with a twist and put into the dough some pieces of "oranges confites" (confited orange peels) and it was so yummy! This bread is part of a celebration in the 6th of january, where the three kings came to visit baby Jesus!  I hope you like it and until next post! :)

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