Thursday, January 13, 2011

Modern Cakes!

Hi guys, well today i finally got to download the pics of my phone, i have been with a cold and haven't been feeling so much.. i haven't been so productive either... okay so laste weekend i had the birthday celebration of a friend and i asked him what sorta of cake he liked.. he told me he wanted vanilla, but i decided to give it a bit of a twist and cover & decorated it with some chocolate ganache and chocolate shapes. Here's a pic of the cake: 

I'm sorry the pic is not very good. I didn't have a good camera but the one from my phone and at home i had some problems tempering the chocolate for the figures so in the end i had no time to take good pics!
Since i learned the classic way of temperin the chocolate on the marble table and all that, i found myself experimenting with new techiques of tempering the chocolate which in the end didnt work a lot because i did get the figures but they would melt if you touched them!!! arrrgg  In the end the caked looked really pretty..i know for some this type of "modern" desing in cakes is not very appealing but i find it nice. Basically for this cake i did some chocolate triangles springkled in non-toxic gold dust in different shapes and put them on the middle of the cake. Here's another view of the decoration: 

Okay just to finish i just wanted to show you a small photo of a small modern wedding cake i did a while ago, using this same modern abstract tecnique in cake deco. 

Okay that's all for today, until next time blessings and Namaste! :)


  1. Hello La Chocolaterie in Columbia!

    After receiving your comment and looking at your blog I wanted to share a link with you about a small bakery in New York that uses "thyroid boosting" coconut oil in their cup-cakes....

    I hope you find the article and website interesting.

    Good luck with you cakes!


  2. thanks for the information! i will sure try to investigate more and see how i can include this in my cakes too! :)